For Romeo and Juliette.

Do you know the story behind Valentine’s Day?

It’s  waaaaaay past Valentine’ s day and am sure by now, even the lovebirds themselves are devoid of excitement and the lovey dovey air that usually surrounds it.  This post was meant to be published during Valentine’s but I delayed… But I have a very good excuse this time round: writing about love is a herculean task. (Please dramatize the next part to make it look that way.) It needs time to think about. It needs a whole lot of emotion to write about – I mean you have to at least feel it so that you know how to describe it. It needs just the right kind of words to describe it and as a writer, trust me, that’s a lot of pressure given that the reader has to identify with this feeling called love. That when they read the article, they mentally nod to what you’ve written about love and is even encouraged to think of love in their very own terms… You get me? You see the kind of pressure that is on me, the writer?

I would tell the story of Valentine’s but today I want to tell the love story of my favorite cousin… There’s a time she called to tell me about how one of her dates had gone with this particular guy. To sum it up, she was so floating on cloud nine that she had not even wanted to tell me the suitor’s name just because it would have probably ‘jinxed’ it- thank God she did not. Lol! Years later, they are planning their own wedding. So once upon a time…

Romeo*, a doctor, is a tall easygoing person. He’s light in complexion #teamlightskin!! I do not know him that much given the few interactions we have had but it’s easy to see that he’s good-nature d and has a good heart right from when he smiles to when he begins speaking. He radiates an infectious warmth, kindness and generosity. My cousin thinks he’s introverted but I am yet to make sure of that. He was very hyper when I met him the second time… You could almost touch the excitement in his voice when he talked. This is where I say my cousin chose well!

My cousin on the other hand, Juliette, also a doctor, is a beautiful petite lady with doe eyes. Very hardworking and does not shy even the least bit to speak her mind. She’s caring, generous and very welcoming. She really loves gossiping but I guess that can be said of most girls- I ADORE gossiping! Because of age, she loves tea. She says, “Nimekuwa mama mzee”- I have become an old lady. Am also not sure about this, but she says she’s an introvert. She has a great passion for kids and her job and I can’t wait for her to be a pediatrician! *pom-pom moment!

They met in the hospital doing ward rounds with the same rotation- those are doctor terms that will take time to sink in. I asked Romeo about the first thing that came to his mind when he first saw her. Of course, he liked what he saw; I mean my cousin IS very beautiful. But what he liked most was how she carried herself as a lady… (Girls, take notes.) Later, he liked her maturity and how she not only treated herself with self-respect, but also her colleagues and her patients.

One of Juliette’s friends was gracious enough to prompt a scared Romeo into asking Juliette out. (That’s how friends come in handy sometimes! – This friend simply told Romeo how much Juliette liked him… You know the drill… These friends are the very same ones who helped Romeo plan how he’d get down, not on one knee but on the both of them.)

I asked both of them what they liked in each other. They were separated by time and distance but it was shocking to see how love works. They responded almost with the same answers!

Romeo loves Juliette’s cooking above all! Did I just mention that she is an exceptional cook? No? Oh, she’s one hell of a cook and he usually ends up gaining weight in all the right places when they are together long enough. He treasures her infectious smile and her intelligence. He loves how Juliette is very mature and respectful. Her hardworking nature enthralls him given that she is a doctor with a busy schedule yet finds time to do her house chores including cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping, all in time for her to spare a moment for romance in the evening… Talk about Superwoman! She’s sweet and has a knack of surprising him once in a while… Once, she got him this awesome fossil watch while they were in Kwale. And just after a month of dating, he knew he wanted to settle down with her because he knew she’d make a very good wife and mother for their kids.

Juliette on the other hand loves his chest above all! Lol! Am kidding! She loves how he’s reasonable and can talk through a conversation rationally. Really, she does love his chest and I quote “it’s where I lie and feel right at home.” *Sigh! She loves the fact that he is her best friend. That they can always talk about anything and everything. That she knows that he’ll always be there for her come rain come sunshine or even better, for better or worse.

Their greatest connection is their love for travel and their jobs. It’s sweet that Romeo finds a way to connect with Juliette when they do chores together and in their introvert nature, they always find things to talk about.

The highlight in this story and for Juliette is that despite their different backgrounds, culture (Romeo is Somali while Juliette is Mijikenda) and religion (Romeo is Muslim while Juliette is Christian), they are still together. That her parents have whole-heartedly accepted her choice, she cannot even begin to describe the good feeling in her heart.

I hope the love story makes you ‘awwwwww’… But for me, my ‘awwwwww’ moment was when I saw them together for the first time, cuddling and laughing together, babe here, babe there. They looked meant for each other- a perfect match made in heaven! It made me realize that love is possible and even more importantly, wife material sio mchezo! Lol! Of course, they see the best in each other and have moments when worst in each other. But most importantly it’s deciding to stick together no matter what. Isn’t that what love is all about? Is it not wonderful and lovely?

Congratulations on your engagement (feels so nice to finally say that!) and all the best on your journey in marriage!

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her struggles, my burden


Whether I believe it or not doesn’t matter, this is what I have always known, it has been too familiar. A tired hopeless  father, my mother, the ideal traditional woman, has never worked as in the time she grew in she didn’t have to and it’s now too late to scavenge for anything having had nothing but a class 3 brush up. She has had to rely on my father’s  income crumbs  divided among his 2nd and 3rd wives and her 7 children too. I looked at her, watched her, comfortable,never wanting more and learnt her ways.  Went to school, thanks to free education.  Unfortunately,repeated almost every class twice until I couldn’t remember a time when I didn’t look like the class matron so I dropped out. After  trying twice…every time.. I just couldn’t force my mentally drained brain to understand that which it had already resigned itself from.

You see me: a young girl,poor not only monetarily but with with my choices, easily gullible,on the hush you think,”isn’t that why she’s pregnant..again!”. When you whisper amongst yourselves and say things like “she’s too young”,”didn’t she know any better?”,  I did, I knew better. Remember, this is all I have ever known.                                                                                I don’t look it, walking in this over-stitched slippers. “We need to get home!” I bitterly exclaim to my 2 year old son who wants to play with the soil,he doesn’t understand how heavily the sack of tomatoes weigh on my head, 3 kilometers down, 2 more to get home…                                  


My struggles because better judgement, availability of  choice and the illusion of time which I presumably have now just feel like privileges, another thing to be thankful for. Another year, ‘new me-new you’ slogans, looking at her or them, not everyone has it new every year, it’s just another day reminding them that their grip on time day by day is being lost….

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Public Transport

Public a six letter word exuding nothing but the picture of societal warmth, the friendliness expected when sharing resources and knowing this resources will be maintained regardless but this where I go wrong, I’m too naive, I expect too much from people. Like the first time I took myself to a government office, I was so psyched, I was like,”I’ll be so professionally mature”, “make my inquiries in the most mature fashion”, “if they think I just left high school they have another thing coming”. So definitely I prepared a whole night,okay an hour or two,picking out clothes, points of inquiries,the alarm. I get there,quite early I should add and I’m almost sorry I wore a purple blouse and purple’s not the secretary’s color too bright maybe? or it was that excess mature vibe  I had put on, her incomplete,hurried ignorant responses, the endless death stares. I don’t think I walked straight after that, that completely tore down the innocent veil I had materialized. Public conveniences are mockeries of a community’s wishlist,from the service providers trickling down to resources they are a thanksgiving reminder for the existence of  private entities.

So why did I even broach this subject? Simple, public things are everyone’s entitlement, especially transport. It’s possible to avoid all government offices but still get into a ‘matatu’ mostly the people who don’t have their own two or four wheels or those saving because they have been stroked by hiked fuel costs and I don’t mean to pull the flashlight on you but most of us use public transport, call it a ‘jav’, a stepping stone to your future of many cars but it’s still, you know, public transport. So because we breathe each others air and uncomfortably fight for arm space and end up exchanging sweats and scents  and this is also probably where I pick up majority of my colds too.

I have therefore experienced a dozen things I want to share, like why I avoid seats next to females for example: those with big bags or the ones who have semi dyed weaves and  freshly manicured nails, or those who come in with a whole group and the tout,driver and possibly myself are their only unfamiliar. There is also the group of men who walk in with brown envelopes and brown jackets or the other type of younger men who come in with their comrades talking and laughing above the music and the one who keeps popping a mint tropical after every five seconds. I don’t seat next to them because:

1. The dyed weave, big bag and nail lady.

When you have that newly done hair,you don’t want air blowing through and giving it the bushy unkempt cat fight hairdo, so the window will be shut for all 45 minutes of that drive. Her nails, if you think will touch those knobs and risk chipping or maybe yet breaking, we truly have other things coming. Air is a big deal for me in ‘matatus’ and they never open the windows, like one hint of stuffiness and I go into seizure like problems, my nose will clog up so I won’t be able to breathe,then I’ll start imagining how a less stuffed place would be like which might lead me to jump out of the window and I don’t want to ruin your hair while I’m on that jump and because your nails are freshly done, you can’t really stop me and I need to be stopped, because I’m obviously not acting myself. The big bag would mean they have a  big purse and big phones and time to collect fare or even worse taking out their phones, they end up shoving their elbows towards you each time, you’d be lucky if they don’t prod your nose.

2.Tropical mints.

It could mean they smoke or maybe its a stereotype, but whenever they pop that mint they end up buying gum and stick it beneath the seat covers or drop it on the floor and I could end up stepping on it. So, if they do smoke, that breath all amalgamated in mints could cause anosmia – the loss of scent. Also as a self-proclaimed environmentalist  dropped wrappers everywhere make me go into a frenzy.

3. The brown envelope carriers.

They are still the same people who come in with a comrade, conversations louder than the stereo systems, the occasional misdirected spit as they speak to their friends over your face or across it, they push  you off the seat while at it or towards the hard surface of the window. i could stay back and contend a refund with the tout for half my fare for the half seat,discomfort and the saliva situation but all I ever want to do is leave and stretch my compressed limbs for a few hours.

I had a brief encounter last week, can also be referred to as my last draw officially, I’m really tired because walking to the stage is always some type of work out, and today I get a bus immediately.I go in with my checklist ready to cancel out but since it was full I had no choice, so I proceed to sit. As a ritual, start looking for my wet wipes, from all that heat and sunshine I’m looking like all red and sweaty so I obviously wipe my face and if you have used wipes before there is this cooling effect they give you, I didn’t feel it, it must have been because all windows were tightly shut, no air, at all, so I turn to my neighbor who’s cuddled himself uppublic-transport-2 in his jacket fast asleep of course the window tightly shut.

Already  aggravated I tap him and ask him to open it, he does and falls back asleep, wakes up a few minutes later shuts it, cuddles himself up again, with all that heat no one stepping up to open their windows, tropical mint,sweat,gas and my ‘seizures’ want to start,after calling him up a few dozen times I just sat there with that same smug all 45 minutes of my ride to town.

Needless to say, I loath having to accidentally touch a piece of chewed gum stuck somewhere,I dislike the scent of sweat in a stuffed room. Have a little respect for the sunshine and wind relationship, open the window!, talk please don’t hold back but think of how its affecting someone else’s comfort, you don’t have to push someone off the seat, … Like I started out to say, we don’t know how to share and still make the people around us comfortable,but we stopped learning and that’s when we started failing…

Why not make public transport bearable? Because the next time I have to stagger out like this….public-transport-3

Lots of love,

Le nuage..

his shoes, the poet…

He was breathing so close, his breath a good concoction of chang’aa and his 8th cigarette that day, I suppose. “My name is Rob, I am an artist, I do spoken words and I rap, are you a hip hop fan?”, Still breathing so close to my face, I am guessing he sensed his poor sense of respect to boundaries because he took a step back, I was still staring at my phone but due to all the silence, I thought he had left so I looked up real quick and found the poet still standing in front of me, I met his eyes first, those distressed brown tired eyes that were just crying out, ‘I need to sleep!’, this obviously led me to his clothes a black slip-on jumper that was once black  but was now, a good shade of I need a wash and I need to be let go, is shoes that had better days and knew more problems than you and I combined. I guess he was still talking because he asked me again now with such desperation in his voice that was at first very clear and sober but was slowly becoming slurred and more exhausted,”hey!, I’m sorry I am disturbing you, but I’m wondering if your interested in rap music? I saw you and felt like you would appreciate my talent”. My heart goes out to him because I  wonder how many people he has recycled this speech to and how many people have heard or ignored him? so I said no, yes I did, I said no.

It was not because his fluency and articulate mastery in this borrowed language, I mean English,didn’t captivate me,it  was actually unbelievably good! he definitely did pay attention in his English class, he also probably did something to do with interpersonal skills somewhere in his life and in all honesty it was impressive, it was, but this was just not the night to give feedback or to allow myself to get lost in how  someone’s mind can be so unbelievably creative. I was really stressed, no I don’t think it was stress mostly anxiety. i am an extremely anxious person at times, so all this anxiety kicked in because it felt like it was a sequence of mishaps.

first of all, lets just say, it was raining , this immediately implies that I hate rain, I think the rain is beautiful frankly especially because i also get to use my raincoat and feel unique..hihi..but it was not just raining, it was RAINING and this made it difficult for me to get home early. so i get on the bus at around 10 p.m, considering i normally get on the bus at around 8 o’clock which made me get to where i usually pick my second means of transport home at around 11 p.m but getting there, the vehicle had unfortunately fallen into a ditch somewhere really far and would take a considerable amount of time to get out because the roads are a good display of misappropriation of funds. so am standing at  the corner of some building feeling extremely alone because it’s so dark, I might have forgotten to add there was power outage and all the shops that run on generators are closed and the watchmen would be kidding if they were to let me idle there for not less than 30 – 40 minutes. So yes I’m anxious!

so he walks away, and I’m thinking okay, now I can now just stare at how my phone’s battery will go down just from me staring at it, in peace. As always I’m wrong, because he had just gone to buy a cigarette, come back and see if I had changed my mind, “so will you check my Facebook page?, please, my name is Rob blah blah”, okay I couldn’t hear because I’m wondering why? why this guy who smells like so much talent, well not literally, but you know seems like all he had to do was wait a while to get his breakthrough, why he would choose to put the little money he had into a bottle of booze or a pack of cigarettes…

Have I followed his Facebook page? It’s on my to do list. I’m just once again brought back to the sad reality that few of us get to choose what we love, the other few are chosen by what they love and the rest of us have to fight for it. is this another chance to dispel the short comings of the education system, where nobody teaches you how to take no for an answer?, I’m saying this because I have also looked for a few jobs in my areas of interest and every time I am told ‘no’ or ‘wait’ it’s another jab at my resilience, but no it’s not about education its me and its you and its about building an unfettered  fiber because if you do hang on long enough, you eventually get there and  unlike Rob, my shoes will tell a different story. On a lighter note, I did get home safe.


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le nuage..

Another Day

 “I hope my posture is okay and I’m not bending like I always do, uh-oh, i hope I didn’t forget anything”,I’m not even done listening to my doubtful thoughts, I trip into a pot-hole and my thought pattern is interrupted, I start feeling like everyone’s eyes are bearing into my very last plasma, I mention to myself no less than 1,000,000 times how embarrassing that was and I rebuke myself for not wearing the right shoes, like shoes were the cause of my clumsiness, so i mature up, you know? that time when you can finally relate the when you fall, you get up, dust yourself and lift your head quote to real life … so I had a little set back, BUT i’m a girl on a mission, a mission to make sure my awkward moments ended in that porthole, so I  beg myself to pay attention to the road,  that whole look up,shoulders straight, chin up thing,i’m not even done getting myself together, I notice that people are staring at me so I look around and wonder why a ‘plain Jane‘ kind of  girl,in a plain t-shirt and a pair of slackly jeans would get so much attention… So what do I do, I make sure I use all the streets that are filled with banks or bureau de change offices, because they have this long glass windows, and I’m like well it’ll show me whatever it is that people are staring at.

Normally, I  hate those glass windows and if I walk by them, I’m the epitome of someone getting rid of an ant mob in their clothes, i’m literally  all over the place! As a result,my defenses are always up around these streets because I always see how imperfect I am, like really?! Do we need this many shiny you can literally see in between your teeth glass windows, all over town! I’m always like “oh no! am I walking straight?, this bag needs to go!,my jeans look weird! Am I too plain, my face looks dry, and the worst part is I have this constant smile plastered on my face, like why am i even smiling, i look so hideous?!! The worst thing is that you know all this conversations I’m having , well, they are so loud under my breath, that true story: I always see the person walking in front of me pacing faster, haha they are probably thinking i’m some ‘hippie’ or something, problem is I can’t hush myself,  because I’m already a nervous wreck and my mouth is like is like a constant word producing machine, haha and you would think this has been my whole day and it’s only been 20 minutes since I got off the bus.

The other half of my day, is spent on trying to understand what am I today? Most extroverted introverts could relate: you want to be the loudest today, tomorrow you don’t have a voice, your with every group of conversationalists today, tomorrow your having the time of your life with your group: your thoughts and your company. I mean I go through this everyday, sometimes I want to scream almost to bits when I’m mistaken for someone whose lonely. So because i’m not lonely, I will distribute myself between wanting to just be by myself and participating in people’s conversations.One thing is for sure, all extro- intro’s love people, but understand and feel how much effort it takes to interact with other humans and it can get really exhausting and on days that I go through the whole interaction and being a people’s person, I sleep till late and nap a little again during the day,I mean I love it, but there are days when  sulking makes me happy too and these are the days I run away from meeting new people because I’ll forget your name and be politely uninterested in making meaningless small talk,sorry. They are the days i’ll try bonding with people when I’m in my sulky,I want to be alone mood and i’ll respond with occasional ‘hmm’s.. and what’s’, a lot, this is where I earn the absent-minded label ..but am i really? All this time I’m hanging out in the space and comfort of my thoughts, my perfect place to be, time spent engaging with my unicorns and perfect cities,being keenly observant to my surroundings,so i see you litter while standing next to a bin..*sigh*..and then i start wondering why we can’t have roads built to accommodate other means of transport like bicycles and motorbikes? Well maybesometimes i’m aaaallllwaaays thinking if my hair grew as much as the scientists say it does between 11 a.m and 12 noon??..hihi .. 

So to the end of my day,I finally get it right!I get the taste of what normal is like, so I’m tripping over nothing but good charm and real joy, because inside I’m a bundle of nerves not believing it worked out! I’m a little sad though, it’s all over, all the awkwardness that puts a spin to who I am. I put my earphones on and put on  Addison road’s song – fight another day and i’m already excited about the awkward situations I’ll be in tomorrow!

I have no idea what I have written up there or if it makes sense, I just know, that that’s me everyday! I could be smiling and being decisive the whole day and be more than a 150% uncertain inside. Its the battles of my mind everyday, truth is I am a little insecure,well maybe more than I let on, but confidence is personal and yet so public. We see it, yes that time  when you were a little shy, that time when we heard and saw your prideful self,  but it gets personal in that;you’re the only one who knows if you smile too much people will notice you have a chipped tooth or if you don’t talk too much people will think you’re not as smart or you are no fun, It’s a must have!  that confident air, not because it’s in every motivational book you’ve ever read but because dare you show your insecure about the dress you’re wearing or its that suit you borrowed from a friend, Ahhemm!.. so if you go through things like that everyday you’re a force to be reckoned with! Because you’re not wearing a mask, your washing off prejudice.  

I can’t wait for all the potholes I’ll trip over tomorrow, because of them i have a story to tell…

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Stay engrossed and be blessed!


Le nuage…

All the signs…

 Hey guys!! how are you?? Its been a while i know, l’orage has been holding up the fort out here for a while, i appreciate her a lot for keeping my slackly nature under pressure and on toes. I apologize for the absence.

So still pushing my boundaries on becoming the writer I imagine I am meant to be, After putting my thoughts, feelings and observations together I was like ever sat down and wondered how it is you got where you are? Like when did you realize you were too old to cry after falling down and the bruise on your knee was just that, a bruise? or when did you get responsible enough to know you don’t have to eat sweets everyday and the thought of not having a cavity or perfect teeth was more important? or you remember when we were kids and we all had that extra close to arrogance confidence but as we got older, we got somehow shy or easily embarrassed,well not all of us anyway….

There’s a plot right next to where I live and the kids are always doing something together outside and i was saying to myself,”You know one day one of those kids will go to one of their friend’s home and ask them to play outside but the other’s response will be some lame excuse like -“kesho” or “i have something i’m doing,” well maybe not but i remember saying that, maybe i meant tomorrow but i just didn’t get to the tomorrow I was talking about.

My neighbors and I were so close when we were growing up, like we had a playground in someone’s house and not being there everyday! after school! would live you out of the next days stories, we were the kind of group that would sing “rain rain go away…” and the rain would go away because maybe, the song was strengthened by the  bond we had,you know? And now, now, we are just people who share fences,a county, a chief and the local supermarket where if we meet we’ll probably pass each other because growth happens and someone’s a bit taller or plumber or thinner…you get it?  I could possibly be the only one but my point is we never see this coming.

Like when my dad first removed the two extra wheels on my four wheeler bike and obviously I fell and I came crying and he was like,” Aii sasa ukilia na hivyo tu ndio utajua,” life right there had already started teaching me a few things like you don’t need extra in your life sometimes…and that day when we went to the salon and my mum let me choose a hairstyle on my own, I honestly thought she was being sweet but in real sense it was my first lesson on being independent. I used to sleep at 8 p.m and i always said I can’t wait to get older and sleep at 12 p.m and when I got older 12 was just that! Extra hours, nothing special! 😦  or when falling a sleep in the sitting room was everyone’s job to get you to bed, does that happen now?  haha no? i know its the same for me too.

I watch my sister so closely because I grew the fascination of wanting to know how you go from a baby to a 20 year old, so every thing in her life is like what scientists do when their trying to explain how the universe became, is it documenting? I am not sure, but yes its something like that, she’s like my little human evolution movie. so, from when we her mind, her hands, i mean everything, and now just a 6 year old, chooses her own t.v programs, says what she’s going to wear, serves her own food, can kind of tell what she wants from her 6 year old level of life…

She is growing through the same things because life is the same but experienced differently and one day, she’ll be as old as I am and she’ll also ‘grow up’,and choose more than just a t.v program. She’ll hopefully finish school and advance prefer her own business to working in an office, she’ll choose friends then with how they compliment one other,evolve in her fashion sense choose a boyfriend, maybe get her first heartbreak, and that’s how it goes.

Its a journey, so to all my neighbors i miss you, we had a great childhood,I learn’t nit gritty’s of socializing,would have never known how to skip, I do miss being less independent because it is good to need people,I miss wanting to play because it’s kind of assuring someone you’ll be there when they’re having a kiddish moment.

So am stepping out!!, see you at the play ground before life happens….again…

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lots and lots of love,

Le nuage 

The 6th of September.

The 6th of September if you might be wondering is the day that I was supposed to officially report to school. Ever since the day I got the communication that that would be the reporting date, I have been nervous all through.

Hey guys!! Wow! It’s been more than a month. My blog partner and I are really sorry. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster in our lives. But here we are! Glad to be back!

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The 6th of September if you might be wondering is the day that I was supposed to officially report to school. Ever since the day I got the communication that that was the reporting date, I have been nervous all through. Even right now as I write, I’ve got this annoying stupid feeling of sadness and fear. Why?

I’m a fourth year student pursuing a degree in French and Sociology and the September-November semester will be my second last. That means that the January-April semester will basically be my last. Just by thinking about it, I tremble!

You see when you’re in fourth year in university, it means a lot! Try looking at it from my perspective.

First of all, fourth year means that am leaving school. Do you know how scary leaving school is? At least for me? It means almost everything will change. The m-word: Moving Out! *Gulp! I can already see myself buying a mattress, few cutlery and pushing my suitcase out of my mom’s house… I’ll probably be in a single room-not even a bedsitter! Where the toilet and the kitchen will be a foot away! *SHIVER! And when my mom comes to visit, in an effort to console me, she will say, ‘hivyo ndo watu huanza maisha’! Isn’t a shiver running down your spine already? No longer will I find home cooked diner nor lunch nor breakfast-all thanks to mamma, nor will I find my clothes folded after leaving them outside to dry and the worst, nor will I escape paying rent! Oh! The security of living under mom’s roof!

Second of all, fourth year for me means that it’s my last lap. It means fixing everything that has wrong all along to be right. I don’t think I have a problem with my grades… Or maybe I should check them out first… But for some few people, fourth year will be an year of intensive study. Probably because they want to take advantage of time lost and at least change their grades.

For me, it will be or rather it should be an year of doing things that I have always wanted to do but because of restraint, I haven’t been able to. I would really like to go out for karaoke- someone please halla! And sing throughout the whole night! Like the Japanese or the Koreans.

I would love to have a change of wardrobe. At least for the first time in years, to wear something that’s actually TRENDING in the country or some other part of the world! Like wear a crop top, you know*wink! And show off a bit of my potty (lol! It’s crazy imagining me in one!) Or strut in town in a booty short, a crop top written Paris accompanied by the Tour Eiffel image and black combat boots to complete the look (o ooh! I really love the sound of that!) Or wear ripped jeans that are ripped all through my front leg (too radical! I saw that once nikajiambia: si ange-vaa shorts basi!)

I would also love to climb Mt. Longonot before I finish campus. Because I missed the trip while I was in secondary school and would love to have that experience. Or even better, I would love to go bungee jumping because I would LOOOOVE to have that adrenaline-like experience! Scream at being upside-down, wind blowing my locks and having the scary feeling of doubt of the rope snapping! Cool, or messed up?

Fourth year should be an year to do everything that I wanted to do but didn’t because I thought I was too busy. I want to swim and play tennis more. Go back to salsa dancing and the K.U.T.T Club. Watch enough of movies and series, not forgetting to read books, because for me it’s an awesome way of escaping reality and the imagination of another world is captivating for me…And especially do the things that I haven’t done because I thought I always was broke. This time round, hata heri nikope!

I would love to go out more often with my friends and have fun the clean way. Neither alcohol nor fumes! Go out for lunch, sleep-overs, have picnics, watch movies at cinemas for crying out loud!-not downloading them! Eat ice-cream, more cake and the most chocolate!… May it rain good men as I endeavor to go out!  Amen? Those that are tall, dark, handsome, financially comfortable, love God and have a personal relationship with Him. Hallelujah? Not necessarily for us to end up in a relationship, but I wouldn’t mind one heck of an awesome friendship! That is all about what a good friendship entails! Laughter, love, dreams etc.Am I preaching to somebody here?

The last thing that I always pray about every semester that has never changed ever since my first year is my relationship with God. I want to always draw closer to Him each day no matter what. I simply want him to be my friend nothing less, nothing more. To love him unconditionally and not because He is the key to my good future, but because He is my friend that I would always love, in rich or poor, in sickness and in health, in good times and bad times. Do you feel me?

What about you? Are you about to finish off school? And if yes, What’s on your check-list? What do you think about mine? Please share by commenting below. We would love to know your thoughts. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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